Increase Website Security & Sales With PCI Scanning



In the early days of online businesses, website owners allowed credit cards to be used as a payment option. They didn’t realize that online websites were beginning to be a target to hackers, who were actively looking for an opportunity to break into something. During these earlier years of the Internet, hackers had a field day. They broke into online systems as and when, they wanted, and stole credit card details and sold them to friendly scammers. The credit card companies soon decided they needed to combat this growing problem of online credit card. Stolen credit cards were costing the credit card companies an arm and a leg, not to mention honest online businesses millions in charge backs. It became vital that this level of fraud be dealt with.

This is how PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance was started. All el emeği satış businesses accepting credit card payments are required to keep secure websites and hosting. And then prove it by passing what is called a “PCI Scan”. A PCI scan is done by an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor), who a few thousand tests on your server or website, will be conducted by. Your website will get its PCI compliance approval, as long as it passes the PCI scanning tests. This report will be required to be submitted to your credit card acquirer along with a questionnaire you have to complete about some basic security stuff, called a SAQ.

PCI scanning checks are required once every three months. This is a requirement according to the payment card industry. Certain PCI vendors offer website scanning on a daily basis. It is now known, that this is simply a sales gimmick and that it is quite unnecessary to check for issues which have already been taken care of. Many website owners have tried daily PCI scanning checks and have reported back that it causes much strain on their servers and is a very time consuming affair. This is the result of the intense security tests conducted. Remember, that as long as you website has been checked for security issues, it’s not going to return to “unsecure” any time soon. Much like your T.V. won’t switch on by itself unless you do / change something. Therefore daily PCI scans are of no significant value.

The government has not made it law that your website needs to be PCI compliant, but it is in fact required by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and others. Passing a PCI scan means your website is reasonably secure against hackers. Many hackers look for opportunities to destroy genuine online businesses, and websites that are not PCI compliant are easy targets. If a hacker breaks into your website and steals your customer credit card details, and for some reason you were not PCI compliant at the time, you will face huge fines. You will be fined by the credit card companies and will be barred from using credit cards as an online payment option again.

If you’ve gotten your website approved as PCI compliant, you will get a web seal as an added bonus by a small amount of PCI scanning companies. Online shoppers look for websites that demonstrate a sense of security and credibility, and by simply displaying a good web seal, it indicates that your website is safe. Web seals are generally provided by a third party, and this not only increases traffic to your website, but it also boosts online sales and brings in great profits. When out shopping for PCI scanning, it’s good to pick a company that offers both a good looking web seal + the PCI scanning component.


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